Money matters: the greatest reason to play online slots


Why you would play online slots

The logic behind playing online slots is fairly simple: you need not know any more than how to make a bet and press “Spin”. The simplicity of online slots has been the main driver of the increase in slots players over the years. New gamblers especially are attracted to the fact that while some technical skill is required to make winnings from other types of games such as video poker, online slots require the player to know only how to handle his money.

Playing online slots has a host of other advantages which often go unrecognized. These include the fact that slots can be played at extremely low bets. Although there are some machines that allow bets almost as big as the jackpots of other machines, players wishing not to put all their money into one spin can play on what are called penny slots. These are machine that take bets as low as $0.01 at a time but also do allow for higher bets. In fact, by virtue of offering huge ranges of betting options, online slots gain the advantage of being games suited for many different kinds of players too.


Why you wouldn’t play online slots

In as much as there are a multitude of reasons why one would consider playing online slots over other types of online casino games, there are also quite a few reasons why you would decide against the idea. When looking at the financial aspects of online slots, the most prominent reason why players decide against online slots is the high house edge that is inherent in them. On average, online slots have a payout percentage of about 87-90% which leaves a house edge of about 10-13%. This is ridiculously high in comparison to popular table games such as Blackjack where the house edge could get as low as 0.5%. Every serious gambler is looking for a game where they can make a good return with as little input as possible and it is clear given the high house edge that slots may just not be the game for the professional gambler.


The greatest reason to play online slots

The single most dominant reason why some seasoned players still insist on playing online slots in spite of the high house edge is that slots simply offer the greatest chances of winning. Many online slots have quite significant top payouts with some of them going at around hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fare that against the reasonably low betting amounts and you find that online slots offer the chance to amazing returns to their players. How many coins the machine pays out in online slots is not directly linked to how many coins you put in. In other words, whether you are playing with one or five coins you still stand a chance of winning the whole top jackpot prize as it is. This is not the case with other types of games such as video poker which never goes beyond a few thousands of dollars in winnings and table games which literally base your win on your bet. And then there are progressive jackpots.

Although progressive jackpots are now slowly being implemented into other types of games too, the biggest and fastest growing progressive jackpot online will still be that of a slot machine. Why is this good news? Well, firstly because it makes playing online slots that much more captivating and secondly because it means that from just one coin you could walk away with well over a couple of millions of dollars. Proving once again how much more profitable playing online slots could be in comparison with playing other types of games.